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Manufacture and sale of copper busbar

One of the activities of REM Factory LLC is the manufacture and sale of copper busbars. The product is a metal rolling in the form of a rectangular section made by conforming the semiproduct with subsequent drawing. Raw materials for manufacture are copper oxygen-free semiproduct.

We offer to buy copper busbar of the following range:

  • Type
    Copper Grade
  • Rectangular section, Soft Copper Busbar
    М00, М0, М1
  • Full radius, Solid Copper Busbar
    М00, М0, М1
  • Soft Copper Busbar
    М00, М0, М1


Product marking: SdCB - solid busbar with high strength characteristics, StCB – soft busbar, elastic, designed to manufacture the complex configuration systems. The assortment is determined by GOST. The thickness of the products is 3-30 mm, the width is 15-160 mm, the length of the sections is 1-8 m.

The price of the copper busbar depends on the grade of the raw materials, size, volume of the order. We apply the individual calculation of the order value, make discounts to regular customers, as well as to other buyers when purchasing large quantuty.

The calculation of the cost of products according to the customer's drawings is carried out individually.

Product Characteristics and Application

These electrical products have the following features:

  • good electrical conductivity due to low resistivity;
  • corrosion resistivity;
  • plasticity.

The above listed features extend the application area of products in various electrical equipment units. It is used to manufacture busbar assemblies, grounding devices, current conductors, distribution devices. Busbars can be used as semiproducts for making fittings for decorative facade elements. The products have demand in the electrical industry, microelectronics, nuclear power generation industry, instrument engineering, etc.

Dimension-type widespread in construction, manufacturing industry, electroplastics, electronics is a 40x4 copper busbar, which is sold at a very favorable price.

Advantages of the factory

The factory's products comply with GOST regulations. We manufacture parts from a copper busbar according to the customer's drawings, develop sketches, electrical diagrams, perform tests confirming the correctness of the selection of the assortment.

Our benefits are the following:

  • high quality;
  • wide range of products;
  • attractive price;
  • individual approach to orders.

Please fill in your application, order a call, or contact us by the indicated phone number to clarify the possibility of manufacturing parts, ordering.

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