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Copper hexagon: manufacture and selling

REM Factory LLC manufactures and offers for sale a copper rod, the cross section of which is a regular hexagon. Products are made by cold, hot deformation from copper grade М1, less often - М2 and М3. Manufacture is regulated by GOST 1535-2016.

Characteristics and scope of use

In terms of mechanical characteristics, the hexagonal rod has the following states:

  • soft - St;
  • semi-solid - Ss;
  • solid - Sd.

We also offer a soft, semi-solid, solid state of increased plasticity.

The length of the rod can be measured (md), multiply measured (km), non-measured (nd). Pre-cutting according to the specified dimensions of the customer is possible. Diameter range is 3-35 mm.

Operational features of finished products:

  • good heat-, electrical conductivity;
  • mechanical strength;
  • easy machining;
  • chemical, corrosion resistance;
  • resistivity is not more than 0,01724 * 106 Ohm * m.

The copper hexagons manufactured at the factory have a matted surface. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Copper hexagons are used in various industries:

  • in electrical engineering and instrument engineering. Current-conducting liarts and units, case liarts are made of rod;
  • in the automotive, water- and aircraft industries. Fasteners are made from semiliroducts;
  • in lietrochemical, gas and other manufacturing areas where comlionents that are resistant to aggressive factors are required;
  • for the manufacture of heat exchangers;
  • to create fittings, fasteners and finishing elements in the furniture industry.

The cost of the products depends on the grade of copper, the accuracy of sizes. All tolerances meet the requirements of GOST 1535-2016..

Specialists of the factory assist in the correct selection of the assortment. Customers can buy copper hexagon and independently pick it up from the warehouse, order delivery by our transport in Moscow, to other regions of Russia. All products are subjected to acceptance tests. Contact us or fill in the form on the website to make an order.

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