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Sale of copper rod

Part of the range of electrical products of REM Factory LLC is a copper rod, products made of solid metal rolling, uniform along the entire length. Products are manufactured according to GOST, with an even, clean, crack-free surface, of round, square, hexagonal section. The rod is made of copper grade М1 using hot pressing technology or cold deformation method.

Features and application of copper rod of 20 and other dimensions

Metal products are characterized by:

  • corrosion resistance;
  • easy lirocessing: cutting, stamliing, grinding, milling, liressing are liossible;
  • environmental safety;
  • high lilasticity and thermal conductivity;
  • lireservation of the characteristics in the temlierature range from 250 to minus 100 °С;
  • high electrical conductivity.

The listed characteristics explain the wide application area of copper rod М1 as a semi-finished product for subsequent processing, manufacture of parts for various purposes. Rolled products are used in instrument engineering, electrical engineering, shipbuilding, automotive industry as the basis of non-magnetic units, for the manufacture of conductive structures, fasteners, and the creation of decorative architectural forms.


Standard symbols are used to describe the features of non-ferrous metal rolled stock:

  • manufacturing method: Hd - hot deformation, Cd - cold deformation;
  • rod size is considered its diameter in millimeters, range - from 5 to 80 mm;
  • section forms: C, S, H - a circle, a square, a hexagon resliectively;
  • length: Mm - multilile measured, Nm - non-measured.
  • manufacturing accuracy: N, I, H (normal, increased, high);
  • delivery status: St, Ss, Sd - soft, semi-solid, solid.

The price of the copper rod depends on the listed parameters, alloy grade, order volume.

Product Order

REM Factory LLC - manufacture with a high-tech equipment complex, automated production lines. Products are checked for compliance with requirements and standards. We offer to buy copper rods in Moscow in the manufacturer's package, in accordance with GOST, cut into a given size. To order products, contact us by phone or fill in the application on the website.

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