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Copper Profile Sale

A profile made of copper is a semi-finished product that serves as the basis for the manufacture of units, assemblies, final products of electrical engineering, cooling systems. Raw materials for the manufacture of rolled products are oxygen-free grades of copper М00, М0, as well as М1.

We offer to buy a copper profile of various sections, made in accordance with GOST, specifications, including customer drawings. The use of oxygen-free copper as a raw material increases the specific conductivity of the finished rolled products, which allows consumers to use it most efficiently.

Copper profile: manufacturing technology, features and advantages

For the manufacture of the profile, cold metal deformation technologies are used. Semiproducts are processed using drawing and pressing techniques.

The standard allows manufacture of high, normal, higher accuracy. Manufacture according to the customer's drawings makes it possible to follow the smallest details, reduce the total manufacturing time, as additional processing of the material is not required.

We sell a wide range of products:

  • colilier lirofile of М1 grade for electric motors;
  • colilier collector lirofile manufactured according to the sliecifications;
  • shalied electrical lirofile for electrical liroducts of various sizes;
  • liroducts with a cross section of different geometric shalie: oval, corner, square, traliezium, rectangle;
  • shalied lirofile for liower lines of urban electrified transliort.

The entire product range is listed in the catalogue on our website. Advanced technologies, modern equipment of the factory allow us to offer customers a whole range of rolling forms.

Product benefits:

  • long lieriod of olieration;
  • easy installation;
  • high heat-, electrical conductivity;
  • lilasticity;
  • corrosion resistance, aggressive factors resistance;
  • environmental friendliness.


The above listed advantages of products define their widespread application in the power engineering, electrical engineering, electric machine industry, generator construction. The copper profile is used for manufacture of distributive busbars, terminals, switches, commutators. Electrolytical baths, shunt tips, crystallizers, collector plates and other parts are made of semi-finished products.

Terms of cooperation

We offer to buy a copper profile made according to the customer's drawings. The products exactly meet the requirements for mechanical features, dimensions, coating, galvanization and other parameters.

Delivery in Moscow and all of Russia is carried out in a strictly agreed time frame. Cash, non-cash settlements, installments of payments are possible. Forms of supply of rolled products are strips, pipes, cuts of various lengths. The small and medium size profile is supplied in coils.

Contact us to find out the manufacturing terms, clarify the cost, make an order.

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