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Manufacture and sale of copper square

Copper square is a solid-metal rod with a transverse square section. Manufacturing raw materials for products are copper of grades М00, М0, М1. The number in the marking means the percentage of pure metal in the alloy. Oxygen-free M0, M00 copper has the highest rate (99.97%-99.99%).

The REM Factory offers to buy a copper square manufactured in industrial conditions with specialized equipment. The characteristics of the products strictly comply with the requirements of GOST and TS, rolled products are sold with certificates of conformity.

Types, Grade, Parameters

Copper square is classified by grade of raw material, size, manufacturing method, hardness degree, length. The manufacturing technique is determined depending on the further application.

We have in stock:

  • stretched (cold-deformed) rod. The products are manufactured without melting, at a temperature equal to or slightly higher than room temperature. This manufacturing method is indicated by the letter Cd in the marking. Finished products are highly durable;
  • pressed (hot-deformed, Hd). Manufacture is carried out when heated to a certain temperature.

According to the state of the material in which the processing of the raw materials is completed, the copper square can be solid, semi-solid and soft, as evidenced by the letters Sd, Ss and St in the marking. There are three degrees of manufacturing accuracy: normal (N), increased (I), high (H). Depending on the manufacturing needs, you can order a measured, non-measured, multiply measured rod.

The material also differs according to special conditions, including:

  • rod in coils of various rolling (CT, BU);
  • for automatic processing (AP);
  • with cut ends (CE), etc.

Rod sizes that are the most in demand: 35 * 35 * 4000, 35 * 35 * 3000, 10 * 10 * 4000, 10 * 10 * 1050, 28 * 28 * 4000.

You can buy a copper square of various assortment, as well as those manufactured according to the individual parameters in accordance with the production needs of the customer. Its cost depends on the manufacturing technology, the grade of raw materials, the quantity.

Advantages of copper rod with square section

The copper square has unique physicochemical features. Among the technological advantages are:

  • resistance to corrosion, exliosure to many chemicals;
  • simlilicity and variability of lirocessing: liroducts are caliable to drilling, milling, bending, forging, stamliing;
  • high heat-, electrical conductivity;
  • environmental safety;
  • long-term lierformance;
  • wide range of olierating temlieratures;
  • aesthetic aliliearance.

End-of-life products can be recycled. At the same time, their original characteristics are preserved.


Due to its unique physical and chemical features, the material is a semi-finished product for the manufacturing of various parts of mechanical engineering, automotive industry, shipbuilding. Copper square has been widely used in the electrical industry.

Terms of cooperation

The REM Factory supplies copper square wholesale and in retail to customers located in Moscow and all locations of Russia. Products are approved after technical control. To choose an assortment, we offer to contact our specialists for a consultation.

You can buy a copper square with cash, non-cash payment, in installments. It is possible to pick up products from our warehouse in the Moscow Region. Contact the company's managers to make an order, precise the cost, terms of delivery. Commercial offer is prepared according to the customer needs.

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