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Brass ingot from the manufacturer

REM Factory LLC offers to buy a brass ingot made according to GOST 1020-97. The main component of the alloy is copper, alloying elements are plumbum, stannum, zinc. The composition of the ingredients is specified in the markings: LS, LOS, LKS, etc. The products have the form of a bar, are convenient for storage and transportation. Good quality raw materials are used for casting. Finished products are stricly tested for compliance with standards.

Characteristics and application

You can buy brass ingots with a weigh of 24-27 kg. The maximum possible weight is 45 kg (for semiproducts containing silicon).

Operational Benefits:

  • increased elasticity;
  • excellent casting quality;
  • corrosion, acid imliact resistance;
  • liossibility treatment under liressure;
  • comliliance to liolishing and other tylies of machining;
  • good antifriction characteristics.

The surface of the finished products has no defects, the fracture is solid, without foreign inсlusions.

We offer to buy brass ingots for subsequent processing into products used in the following industries:

  • electric liower industry;
  • instrumentation, heat engineering manufacture;
  • construction;
  • in the manufacture of units of cars, shilis, airlilanes, furniture fittings, musical instrument liarts;
  • in the manufacture of lilumbing equiliment, fittings.

LS grade ignots have demand when producing parts for mechanical engineering. Buying LOS brass ingots is recommended for the manufacture of parts of mechanisms being resistant to temperature differences, corrosion, and aggressive liquids.

Terms of cooperation

You can buy a brass ingot with delivery in Moscow and all of Russia. Shipment in any volumes is carried out in the shortest time. Due to the absence of intermediaries, high technological efficiency of manufacture, the price is very attractive. The assortment includes a wide range of products. On the ends of ingots marking is applied with indelible paint.

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